14-hours of extreme rave

On September 10, powerful mentality emerges as Q-base dares you to a groundbreaking 14-hour rave course. Raw noises merge with the abstract structures of a deserted base that stands out as the ultimate party premises: Airport Weeze, Germany.
Check your skills, verify your status… and prepare for the ultimate underground face off! This is for the DIE HARDS only!

Travel Times

Airport Weeze is located in Germany, just a 20 minute car ride from the Dutch-German border. Check out the travel times in order to plan your trip in advance.

Die Hards Only

We call out to those who rave on the edge; underground experts that operate far beyond the average. Their minds focused on pushing through the full festival season as a natural routine, settling for nothing less. You are the DIE HARDS, dedicated to the core, always up for more.   



Exploring the underground requires a distinctive taste in sound. Progressive, rudely uptempo, boldly experimental or highly energetic: a seasoned raver eats beats in all crunchy forms. Q-BASE represents new and extreme experiences, brought to you by a careful selection of hosting partners and artists that mess with existing conventions.
Seek your challenges in the line-up of ‘Q-BASE – DIE HARDS ONLY’.