Die Hards, VIP tickets for Q-BASE are sold out. Regular tickets are still available at Q-dance.com.

Attention: Please do not buy Q-BASE tickets from an unofficial ticket outlet. Official tickets for Q-BASE can only be purchased at q-basefestival.com or Q-dance.com.

Q-BASE regular & VIP tickets

A Q-BASE regular tickets gives you access to 14 hours of non-stop partying and costs EUR 65,50,- (ex fee). A VIP ticket for Q-BASE costs EUR 79,50,- (ex fee) and not only gives you access to 14 hours of non-stop partying, but also the following advantages:

  • Separate entrance at the festival
  • Free locker
  • Q-BASE VIP bracelet
  • Access to both VIP decks

Q-BASE Travel Packages

Do you prefer an entire party weekend, then book a Q-BASE Travel Package including tickets and bus transportation from and to Q-BASE via Q-dance Travel.

Q-BASE Buspartners

Are you unable to travel by car to Q-BASE, then order a bus ticket in combination with a Q-BASE entrance ticket via one of the official buspartners.